Organic Production

We aim to be the best grower of healthy, good quality produce, produced in an ecologically responsible way.
To produce the highest quality produce we rely upon the best farming practices that work with natural cycles, rather than resorting to intervention from chemical inputs. Our organic farms are ACO accredited.

Instead of artificial fertilisers we rely on composts to stabilise soils and to provide essential nutrients; instead of herbicides we make use of timely cultivations and ecological interactions between plants to maintain weeds at tolerable levels; instead of pesticides we use an integrated pest management system to control the numbers of unwanted destructive pests.

Coolibah Herbs believes that ecologically responsible farming practices and the production of healthy organic vegetables is the way of the future in horticulture. Consumers have the right to be provided with produce that is healthy, tastes real and has no detrimental effect on the environment.

Quality organic compost

Composting accelerates and facilitates natural processes to reconnect healthy soil with healthy plants, and thereby, healthy people with a healthy environment.

We apply rigid controls to our composting process and the compost provides our soil with all the necessary nutrients, structure and microbiological life to produce the highest quality organic crops.