Paddock to Plate

Storage and distribution

To ensure the best quality fresh produce is delivered every day it is imperative that Coolibah Herbs understands and innovates at every level of the supply chain.

Testament to this is our philosophy which dictates that all our fresh produce is placed directly in cooling facilities as soon as it is harvested using refrigerated trucks at point of harvest. With high class warehouse cold storage systems and our own refrigerated trucks, we can fulfill the short lead times while ensuring the freshness demanded by today's discerning customers.


To achieve continuity of supply 365 days a year Coolibah Herbs combine growing, harvesting and logistic operations and maintains full control from germination, in our own nursery, to final delivery. We maintain total control of all stages of production, from growing our own seedlings, using our own specially developed potting mixes, to using our own fleet of refrigerated trucks, to guarantee the cool chain to our customers.

The same systems and rigorous controls are imposed on all farms and provide the successful 'all year round' continuity of supply and consistent quality.

Traceability and Food Safety

  • Every item sold from the farm is traceable back to batch of seed, with a full history of its movement logged in detail
  • Our systems are constantly reviewed for continuous improvement through our internal auditing programme.
  • We have an extensive testing programme for chemical and microbiological analysis on the products and soil and water used
  • Coolibah Herbs has gained SQF Level 3 Food Safety and Food Quality accreditation for the production, washing and packing of Mesclun Salad Mixes Spinach Roquette and Herbs.