Coolibah Salad Mix

This unique colourful combination features a full range of baby salad leaves from the sweetness of cos to the savoury bite of radicchio.

Salad mix has become a staple of healthy eating in our modern world. The original French Mesclun, meaning “mixture”, was a traditional combination of chervil, arugula (roquette), leafy lettuces and endive in equal proportions.

Coolibah Herbs has refined this product from its early development to reflect changing seasons and maintains a fresh combination of salad leaves all year round. We have also adapted the blend to cater for popular taste preferences.

  • Available in 1.5 kg cartons
  • Pre-pack cartons: 3 x 500 gram pillow packs
  • Pre-pack cartons: 10 x 100 gram pillow packs
  • Pre pack cartons: 16 x 100 gram flow-wrap punnets
  • Pre pack cartons: 15 x 120 gram resealable clam-shell punnets